#4. Whatsapp Conversation with my Kids at The Place of Refuge

This is what she told me: 

"If you go to your love, you go to your life.  

"In fact, if you go to your love, life will come to you. 

"I will send you out with this message. There is here and there is now. And there are also an endless flow of things that pull you away from that. But they will also pull you away from your essence.  

Come back.  

Keep coming back. For it is your home and the source of all that sustains you. Just know where your home is.  

And keep coming back. And then, maybe one day, you will not need to leave."  

David: Where is this from? Sounds great  

From my "mother". The one that lives here and gave birth to me about 35 years ago (in the sense that that was the first time I became who I am now). She helped develop further what Bubbie (your grandmother) and my father set into motion. I can't show you her picture, but i can show you where she lives.  


David: Ohhhhh. Gorgeous ? 

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