Courage does not necessarily mean action or engagement. In fact, it begins with a heightened awareness and watchfulness. There are three aspects of courage: a single-minded focus on achieving the best outcome, the ability to perceive what role (if any) you are being asked to play to bring that about, and a readiness to act when called upon. One might say that courage is service above self but, more correctly, it is the merging of self and purpose - so that there is no distinction between the two. When that happens, your entire being becomes a presence or a node through which reality manifests. 

Rajas is one of the three Gunas (qualities of the world). Rajas is passion, which may manifest in action, energy or motion. So any time you feel highly motivated to do something, you are entering into the Rajasic realm. This is where the world moves forward. Perhaps this music will move you there.

For those times when thoughts won't form into words, and words don't say what you said, or mean what you meant: It's time to let the music do the talking.

Stream and Download - Nothing Less Than Everything