The Way of the World: From the Inside Out 

The hope for the world resides within us, within our willingness to believe. Believe in yourself. We need you. We need each other.

It is a dynamic symbiosis that makes this world of ours work. The insects need the flowers to bloom, and the flowers need the insects. 

We are gradually becoming more knowledgeable of this "interbeing" in the realm of ecosystems. 

Gradually, we are also becoming more aware of this in the realm of human relationships.

When I give blessing to you, I give blessing to myself.

All good to you,



The Wonder of You 

If you can listen to this - for just one minute - and you can love yourself just a little more as a result, then the healing of the world will have begun, anew.

The ancient words are true: the healing starts with ourselves.

Music by me. 
Video editing by Shantal Freedman 

Love, Scott



Becoming Beauty 

The word "becoming" has within it an intersection of concepts. It includes the idea of emerging into being, as well as the idea of being clothed in an attractive garment. The word "beauty" also brings with it many of these same associations. 

If you can spare one minute, or perhaps two if you like words, I would like to offer two, 60-second portals to beauty. You are busy. A minute or two is an investment of life. So you will need to decide if you want to take the time. But, before you do, I will just ask this question: What if this experience would allow you to become more beautiful? 

The first is music and video only. The second adds a narration. Music is by me. The video editing is by Shantal Freedman. The words and narration (on the second video) is by Tzvi Freeman. 

My blessing to you is that you become beauty, even more fully than you already are.

Video with music (click on image):


Video with music and narration:

All of My Love 

How to express the love within us? Sometimes, a simple arm around the shoulder of someone, or a knowing, understanding locking of the eyes, or a few words just telling someone that  you are listening and you are there for them. Then there is the love that cannot be expressed by a simple physical action. For some,  prayer or meditation can be a medium for this.

Then, there is music. I think that when I write, I am attempting to encode a love for delivery to others that cannot find another means of expression. Whether or not I have been successful at this, depends entirely upon the listener - you.

Instar, my first album with Heart Dance Records, has been released today. I hope that the love there reaches you, that we may both create, together, a new place of kindness, light, and aspiration. If you have access to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Google Play, click on the link below. Otherwise, you can listen on the website.

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Blessings, Scott

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The Uniquely Human Contribution 

If you've read the post title, and you're feeling a bit cynical, you might think of things like wars, discrimination, and pollution. Well, firstly, I'm not really sure those things are uniquely human. But, more to the point, I was referring to something wonderfully positive. Watch to find out what:


Sometimes, you get so swept up by the beauty and magic that you you know you are witnessing something much larger than yourself. But it is not just witnessing - it is receiving. It is becoming part of something awesome. It is Magic, Love, Nature and Beauty, all merged into one presence. You have been blessed.



The End of the World 

I returned to my former home: the Big Island of Hawaii. It is a big island, certainly in comparison to the other Hawaiian islands. But what's really, really big, and expansive is the way my heart feels when I'm there. It reminds me of the spaciousness described by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche when he refers to the feeling you have when you look at a clear blue sky, or when you first enter an enormous quiet space. It is the place in which i feel most limitless (as you'll see below).


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In the meantime, back to the End...of the World....



A New Beautiful Every Day 

There are those of us who are adventurous in a way that provides a motivation to explore new horizons and experiences. There are also those of us who are adventurous in an inner way, exploring how they are different from moment to moment - because all that is alive is constantly being renewed, replaced by a new self that presents itself differently for each occasion.

Thich Nhat Hahn puts it this way: "It is because of impermanence that everything is possible. Our hope lies in impermanence."

Or, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe explains, continuous newness represents a fusion of time and timelessness. So one can do the "same" thing many times but - with the right energy - it can be new and vital each time.

The sun is not bounded by our ideas of ourselves and - here's the good part - neither are we. Whenever, wherever we let go of those self-limiting ideas, we have an opening through which we might enter the state of "continuous newness".

Like a new beautiful, every day.


Beauty, Scaled 

Nature is beauty, scaled. Which is to say that it is beautiful at all levels, from the sub-atomic, to the the inter-galactic.

Pretty amazing...