All of My Love 

How to express the love within us? Sometimes, a simple arm around the shoulder of someone, or a knowing, understanding locking of the eyes, or a few words just telling someone that  you are listening and you are there for them. Then there is the love that cannot be expressed by a simple physical action. For some,  prayer or meditation can be a medium for this.

Then, there is music. I think that when I write, I am attempting to encode a love for delivery to others that cannot find another means of expression. Whether or not I have been successful at this, depends entirely upon the listener - you.

Instar, my first album with Heart Dance Records, has been released today. I hope that the love there reaches you, that we may both create, together, a new place of kindness, light, and aspiration. If you have access to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Google Play, click on the link below. Otherwise, you can listen on the website.

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Blessings, Scott

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The Uniquely Human Contribution 

If you've read the post title, and you're feeling a bit cynical, you might think of things like wars, discrimination, and pollution. Well, firstly, I'm not really sure those things are uniquely human. But, more to the point, I was referring to something wonderfully positive. Watch to find out what:


Sometimes, you get so swept up by the beauty and magic that you you know you are witnessing something much larger than yourself. But it is not just witnessing - it is receiving. It is becoming part of something awesome. It is Magic, Love, Nature and Beauty, all merged into one presence. You have been blessed.



The End of the World 

I returned to my former home: the Big Island of Hawaii. It is a big island, certainly in comparison to the other Hawaiian islands. But what's really, really big, and expansive is the way my heart feels when I'm there. It reminds me of the spaciousness described by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche when he refers to the feeling you have when you look at a clear blue sky, or when you first enter an enormous quiet space. It is the place in which i feel most limitless (as you'll see below).


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In the meantime, back to the End...of the World....



A New Beautiful Every Day 

There are those of us who are adventurous in a way that provides a motivation to explore new horizons and experiences. There are also those of us who are adventurous in an inner way, exploring how they are different from moment to moment - because all that is alive is constantly being renewed, replaced by a new self that presents itself differently for each occasion.

Thich Nhat Hahn puts it this way: "It is because of impermanence that everything is possible. Our hope lies in impermanence."

Or, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe explains, continuous newness represents a fusion of time and timelessness. So one can do the "same" thing many times but - with the right energy - it can be new and vital each time.

The sun is not bounded by our ideas of ourselves and - here's the good part - neither are we. Whenever, wherever we let go of those self-limiting ideas, we have an opening through which we might enter the state of "continuous newness".

Like a new beautiful, every day.


Beauty, Scaled 

Nature is beauty, scaled. Which is to say that it is beautiful at all levels, from the sub-atomic, to the the inter-galactic.

Pretty amazing...

Branching Out 

This brings to mind a Woody Allen quote from Annie Hall: "A relationship, I think, is like a shark, you know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.” Similar sentiment, except here we are essentially taking about your relationship with yourself, and what it takes keep moving forward. Perhaps it's good to remember that the new branch of the tree also helps bring new vigor to the older branch, the trunk, and the root. 

A Gathering of Love 

As many of you know, my son recently was married. I could say many, many things about the wedding, but I won't - at least right now. Except to say that it was one of the happiest times in my life, only rivaled by a few other experiences, such as the wedding of my daughter or the births of my children. But one of the fantastic things about a wedding in good spirit is that many show up with an overwhelming desire to wish the newly married couple well. This feeling often just wells up  in the guests and grows so quickly at the time that the bride and groom are showered with a great outpouring of love and joy. 

Perhaps we do that because we sense the hope and the tender vulnerability of the fledgling couple, like a ship cast upon, as yet, uncharted waters, en route to unknown lands. I think that behind all of that is our realization (perhaps only unconsciously) that all of the great undertakings in life take faith - in prodigious quantities. To do all of the important things we have done, or will ever do, requires a belief that, from a dispassionate point of view, is manifestly foolhardy. But we also know that our meaning and purpose in life cannot be reached without traveling right through the center of that "Bermuda Triangle" of unknown outcomes.

We know the vulnerability of the new couple. And we know that where they are going is the way of the future. So we love them for having the courage to venture forth and we want to fill them with all of the love and support that we have inside us to give them some extra "provisions" for the journey.

What does all of that have to do with the above-pictured tiny flowers gathered in the shape of a heart? Life requires hope and faith - even if you are the tiniest flower or the simplest little plant on the side of the trail. And all for what? To express the love within us, and dream of what we can be.

I think: If that tiny, tiny flower can believe enough in itself to blossom, then maybe so can I.



From my album, Nothing Less Than Everything.


There's always an escape. At the right time. If you're willing to go.

Sometimes that means trusting your guide (external or internal) and following it into terrain that is totally uncharted for you.

It is my perception that God's ability to create unexpected situations will always exceed our ability to project, protect, or even imagine. This is, of course, by design, to place us in relationship with the unknowable. This, if accepted, is the port of entry into the Present, whose only natural predator is our expectations.

Some of the beats in this music take unexpected twists. Some of the sections lead into unexpected musical territories. 

All of us encounter situations that become uncontainable. Then, the question becomes: with how much peace can we meet it?

My blessing to all of us is that we find that our reservoir of peace is deep enough to allow us to travel through the uncharted territories, and even the unknowable ones, when called to do so, to enter the Present, which is always and everywhere uncontainable.


Painting by Shantal Freedman 

Video editing by JG Official