Presence is the portal through which all the good in your life comes to you. All you need to do to receive the good that's meant for you is to just show up, be present. This music is here to help you do just that, to live your moment, to love your moment.

This is my love offering to all souls in this world, an embrace of kindness and sweet light. It is my prayer to all that is good in the world - that it show itself to you - now, all of it, in sweetness. So that you will remember that there is an end to the darkness, and that the light remains. But first, just remember the sweetness and know that it is still there.  And, even more, remember that you ARE this sweetness. You felt it, so it is inside you. 

 You are not the trouble. You are not the darkness. You are the Sweetness, safe and secure.  You always have been, and always will be…


There is no desire in Delight - it is already all that is sought. Yet there is still movement, expression. It is the movement of flow, as in an irrepressible outpouring of love, or the rapt awe when encountering overwhelming, unimaginable beauty. You are no longer wanting, you are no longer waiting, and you are no longer watching: You have become... Delight.