Pure Being is a bit like a hot air balloon - it's nature is to be weightless and rise. But we sometimes keep it tied to the ground. This music will help you cut the cords and and rise - wherever the winds take you. Come along for the ride!

Home is the place where you are free to be who you really are. We explore, pursue, and escape many things in our journeys through life. But Home is the place where we return when we know that being itself is all we need, all we could ever want, and all that we are. We can always find Home. It is within.

This music is from that place.

Love always wants to find its home. "Home" is where we truly are, as we truly are.

If I know this, then why am I not always feeling like I am there? Because I can remember, but I can also forget. I can feel the Unity and the perfection of all things, but I can also feel separate, alone, abandoned and needy. So I continue to write music, I continue to pray, I continue to listen to what Nature says to me, I continue to try to connect with the Light inside me and inside others. These are all ways that I try to remind myself of who I am and where I am -  where I have never left. I figure that if my imagination can “bring me away” from Home, then my memory of it can “bring me back”. My bet - my trust - is with the latter. Because it is made of love. And love wants to be Home.

I hope this music helps you remember your love, and remember you're Home.