All of us can understand that there is no separation between the Dreamer and the Dream, even if we don't feel that way while we are dreaming. But few of us are aware that the same capacity of ours which creates the experience of the dream while we are sleeping, also creates our experience of reality while we are awake. The spiritual process of "awakening" starts with recognising the dream-like quality of our experience of our life. But the process doesn't stop there. Once we know of our capacity to create our experience, we also have greater power to bring happiness and love and goodness to ourselves and others. Maybe the recognition and use of that power within us is also a dream of sorts but, if we are creating happiness and expresing love and compassion, then the best thing to do might very well be to dream on.



An old soul takes the form of a new life, the meeting of old and new. Why does this matter? Because this meeting occurs every moment of every day, as each of our moments are born and then die into the next moment. The present is only possible when the past willingly surrenders into it. Without that surrender into the unkown, wew can only live in the known which, by definition, means that we will keep trying to re-live the past, which in fact is just a barrier to life. This music is both a prayer of gratitude for the past and a prayer of surrender into the present.