"Chesed" means Kindness. According to the Kabbalists, it is one of the ten Sefirot or basic processes by which our universe is created. It is also part of the process of "tikun olam" or repairing the world from where we have taken it off course into spheres of suffering and destruction. According to me, Chesed is the finest achievement of being human, the pinnacle and purpose of existence. If so, why is there not more Kindness? Because Kindness starts with compassion and compassion (literally from the Latin "to suffer with") starts with pain. Feeling sorry for someone is not compassion. Compassion is feeling the pain with the knowing that, so long as there is love, we are not separate. Kindness is compassion translated into action, an attempt to heal the pain, to bring comfort, to make whole again that which was broken, that which is hurting. 

The reason I have written this music is bring the healing and loving energy of Chesed to you. May it be that you always feel the flow of Chesed coming to you, holding you, caring for you, protecting you.

Ananda is bliss. Ananda is quite different than happiness.  The two share a feeling of elevation and expansion beyond limitation, but happiness is temporal, and it must constantly be renewed - or else it fades. So happiness does not bring peace. Ananda, on the other hand, is timeless, eternal - and so it is a place of imperturbable peace. There are many that say that Ananda is our true nature and that all we need to do is uncover it from its place within us. Listen to the music. Perhaps something will be uncovered for you.

The beginning of something is always the end of something else. This sometimes holds us back, for fear of losing the security of "what we have". But once your heart has called you to a new horizon, you will eventually go. Because you will eventually realize that your heart is really all that you have. It is what vivifies everything else.