Clouds can be very very beautiful. They can also bring on a storm. Thoughts, feelings, situations: they all come and go, like clouds passing by. But you are the awareness in which all this occurs. You are like the sky. Vaster Than Sky.

How does one find the place where all is in abundance? The music here explores this terrain. What it finds is a place of gentleness and kindness so great that it can absorb all that exists. It is a place that is larger than light and larger than darkness. It is a place that encompasses both peace and conflict. It is a place so vast that it says to you, “Bring your struggles inside my circle. The circle will expand to reveal a place so large and loving that there is room for everything. Even if you only come here sometimes, I will always abide within you and around you. This is yours. I am you."


Do you sometimes feel an urge to rise above yourself to a place beyond your limitations? Do you ever feel that some kind of feeling or perception has come to you from beyond yourself? 

Kabbalah teaches that we have five levels of soul. Three reside within us and one resides above in the higher spheres. Then there is one that is the interface, which is connected to us but not in us and, at the same time, connected to higher worlds but not residing there. That interface is called Chaya. Some liken this to an aura, a kind of surrounding radiance, energy. When we need something to reach the heavens or heavens need something to reach our heart, the “messenger” is the vehicle of Chaya. 

This music speaks of that place between worlds and the light ascending and descending between them.