#3. Kahaluu

I was so richly rewarded.  

I don't think there's ever been a time of the hundreds of times I've gone snorkeling here, that I didn't feel that I was greatly blessed to be able to receive the gifts I received here.  

But today was unusual. I went to my usual area (a bit South of the area people usually go) and it was truly splendorous. Small, swimming works of modern art ( with eyes) on a background of a living, breathing "stone flower garden".  

This is happiness for me.  

Pure and simple.  

Then I encountered a smallish turtle. And that's also happened to me many, many times. But this was different.  

At first, I thought he might be caught by something because it seemed he kept trying to squeeze himself between two coral arms that clearly did not offer enough space for him to get through. So I watched to see if he might need my help.  

Then, I understood that he was carefully rubbing all parts of his head, neck and fins (all of his skin) against the coral, as one might use a pumice stone.  

After a while, he came up for air and then swam toward me, within a couple inches. I didn't experience this in the past, so instinctively i backed away a little bit. But I continued to watch very nearby.  

He returned to his former place and activity. Soon after, another, somewhat larger turtle showed up. She looked carefully at the (not trapped) turtle, looked at me, seemed to decide all was good, and then swam off into the distance. Her cameo appearance seemed to contain infinite grace, her exit more like a flying off into the mist on slow-motion angel wings. I felt, in fact, visited by an angel.  

After a while, my friend came up for air again, and again swam toward me. This time he touched my arm with his fin. In my imagination, this was a benevolent expression of some kind of friendship, perhaps even kinship in that we shared this wondrous, beautiful, benevolent planet together.  

So I felt doubly blessed.  

I'm sharing this with you in the hopes that you will feel this blessing, perhaps just a bit more, next time you "rub elbows" with any goodness, or any benevolent living being.  

We are all angels, in that we are all messengers of God.  

May you find your message.  

And be able to hear the message of others.