#22 Something More Important

Please tell me: who in the world is doing something more important than this mother, bringing new life to the world, and caring for the young life she's already brought?

Or this couple, who have stopped long enough to notice and take in the peace around them, and then share it with each other? 


I know there are wonderful people that are making extraordinary efforts, even super human efforts, to save others from illness, or oppression, or hunger, or heartbreak. I have no end of love and admiration for these people for their work and dedication and sacrifice. 

But, when life gives us the opportunity to exult*, why would we turn away? Isn't life also there just to love and be happy with? We need to know when we were sent to a place in order to try to fix it, or make it better. We also need to know when we were brought something just to behold, just to love. For its own sake. For our sake. For God's sake. And sometimes a place is made better, just by loving it. Loving our place, sharing our love sounds like an awfully good start.

*P.S. Whenever I use the word "exult" (which isn't often), I always think of the portrayal of the ecstatic Snoopy. Something like this flashes in my mind:

It usually brings a little smile to me. I hope it does for you, too.

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