All of My Love

How to express the love within us? Sometimes, a simple arm around the shoulder of someone, or a knowing, understanding locking of the eyes, or a few words just telling someone that  you are listening and you are there for them. Then there is the love that cannot be expressed by a simple physical action. For some,  prayer or meditation can be a medium for this.

Then, there is music. I think that when I write, I am attempting to encode a love for delivery to others that cannot find another means of expression. Whether or not I have been successful at this, depends entirely upon the listener - you.

Instar, my first album with Heart Dance Records, has been released today. I hope that the love there reaches you, that we may both create, together, a new place of kindness, light, and aspiration. If you have access to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Google Play, click on the link below. Otherwise, you can listen on the website.

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Blessings, Scott

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