#1. Pololu


I came to a place of great love and peace and beauty and tranquility.  

I asked God, "Please, dear God, give me another chance"  

"A chance to do what?"  

"A chance to find Your peace and love within me and then to try to connect that with my life."  

He continued:

"I can do that. But there's some things you should know. To really do what you say, you will have to be willing to give up many material things that seem like comfort and security to you. Many around you will not understand.  

"Also, even if you were able to do that. You still would not be able to do it completely.  

"But there's something else. Whenever you are able to do it, the value of that moment is in no way dependent on what comes before our after. Plus, each of those moments are eternal and indestructible.  

"One more thing. You can find your own way to those points of light or, as you develop your ability to do this, you can go to them with others. Either way, you will find more of them more easily if you also try to find ways of sharing the goodness you find with others. Many times, this will be through some transmission or transmutation that will make itself available to you unexpectedly. When you have the chance to do that, take it.  

"In so far as your question is concerned: with every breath, you have another chance."  

I took in a few slow, deep breaths feeling a warm and happy gratitude. As I looked around, I felt the calm but vibrant energy of this verdant valley, teeming with life, renewal (because life is renewal).  

Then I realized something about myself. The valley, as transcendently beautiful as it is, was not what allowed me to see these things. It was that the transcendent beauty triggered the deep gratitude in me. And that's what created the portal. So actually, that opening is not dependent on the place. It is dependent on me, my state of being. 

At Pololu Valley trailhead. Rocks will fall on your head. The ground will give way under you and you will fall to your death. The sharks will eat you. And you will drown. And oh, by the way, you won't be able to call anybody for help.  

Have a nice hike!

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