#5 Mahaiula Bay


A moment of repose.  

I've spent so much of my life in a mode of intense, sustained effort focused on achieving (or avoiding) some outcome. The main exception for me has been my musical world, which has…


#3. Kahaluu

I was so richly rewarded.  

I don't think there's ever been a time of the hundreds of times I've gone snorkeling here, that I didn't feel that I was greatly blessed to be able to receive the gifts I…


#2. Hapuna

I think that people sometimes think that I'm too serious. It's true that most of them are people that don't understand me very well. But you know what? They are actually right.  

I returned to Hapuna Beach today…

#1. Pololu


I came to a place of great love and peace and beauty and tranquility.  

I asked God, "Please, dear God, give me another chance"  

"A chance to do what?"  

"A chance to find Your peace…