#18 Clarity

Is Clarity connected to veracity, like the moment the truth of the matter emerges from its attendant ambiguities?


#16 View From The Top

It was unseasonably warm, there was sun in abundance, and lots of happy souls around - couples, kids, athletes, dogs. All were going up, coming back down, or just hanging out at the top for a while to enjoy the…

#15 Hope Springs Eternal


I went for a hike in the Cuyamaca Mountains the other day. One part of the hike looked like this:

- a formerly green meadow, now looking considerably less vibrant, though still beautiful. Then, just ahead one…


#14. Peace Through Strength, or The Other Way Around?

For political leaders, it is common – and has been for many, many years – to use the idea of “peace through strength” to galvanize the populace behind the idea that a strong military/assertive foreign policy is actually the most…


#13. Song of Return

There are few things more humbling, and inspiring, for a composer than a simple bird song - especially that of a bird so (apparently) delighted to be back at her winter home. 

#12. The End of the World. The Beginning of Another.


I listened to the Torah being read earlier today. It was the second portion in the Torah: Noah. It is interesting that this is probably the most often told and illustrated Torah story in children’s books. Perhaps that…



I so love being at the ocean. Any weather there is beautiful, but a bright, sunny, slightly breezy, slightly cool day is some version of perfect. 

I so love being with my son. No matter what he is…



I had a few follow-on thoughts relating to the previous blog. (This will make far more sense if you read #8 first.) I was thinking that Kai, the boy that gets a piece of the trolls’ distorting mirror into his…


#8 Rosh Hashanah and the Snow Queen

Those of you that have spoken to me about authors know that I am very fond of the work of Rebecca Solnit. I am currently reading The Faraway Nearby. Those of you that know something about my spiritual life, know…

#7. One Thing I Asked

If you could have one request granted – any request, but just one – what would it be? My guess is that few of us would ask to be able to “contemplate”. But, then again, none of us is David.