From my album, Nothing Less Than Everything.


There's always an escape. At the right time. If you're willing to go.

Sometimes that means trusting your guide (external or internal) and following it into terrain…

Impermanent, Unconditional, Eternal



So I believe the above is totally true - but there is a complication. 

For a person for whom love of themselves is conditional, it will be more challenging to love or be loved unconditionally…

Flows of Time, of River, of Heart

Time flows from one day to the next, like a river flowing from source to mouth.


If we speak the truth, the same might be said about our hearts, ourselves.


Heart in the Sky

Hi, Everyone.  

I added a song to my music page today. I won't try to tell you about what kind of music it is, because it is only a click away for you to hear it: Heart in the


Voices of the Earth

Sometimes, life brings you mysterious things, things that you know are much larger than you are, maybe even larger than your ability to comprehend. But sometimes we also feel that we belong in that inexplicable realm, that somehow it…

All That We Love


I took this pic during one of my trips to the Big Island - I was driving from Kona to Waimea, ultimately on my way to Upolu Point. (In fact, my very first blog on these pages expresses…


Slowing It Down

Sometimes, the simplest things become so much more beautiful, just by slowing down your perception of them. It just allows us to notice so much more. Yes, I guess this is the opposite of multitasking, or dividing your attention between…