#5 Mahaiula Bay


A moment of repose.  

I've spent so much of my life in a mode of intense, sustained effort focused on achieving (or avoiding) some outcome. The main exception for me has been my musical world, which has so far resisted and repelled every effort to use it for something. Even in the case of the film scores I've done, which clearly had a purpose, I let the music find its own expression on its own terms.  

There was no virtue in what I did (or what i continue to do) in that realm: I really don't have a choice. I don't know how to do it any other way.  

So this lazy late afternoon, previously cloudy, but now with the sun sparkles dancing from the shoreline all the way out to the horizon - this moment seems musical to me. Not because of the soft rhythm of the waves, or even the grace and elegant harmony of all the natural elements (the trees, the sky, the clouds, the rocks, the sand....).  

For me, the musical element is the way the moment rests in its beauty, the pointless, useless and perfect beauty that just is.  

It asks nothing of you.  

Nor does it want anything in return.  

Except, perhaps, to be held and cherished in your heart.

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